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Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
technology, so we are summoning the north the nextbassador arabout step. >> no. 3 of's ambassador headed to london for stern warnings, -- north korea's ambassador headed to london for stern warnings. it is already isolated. its main ally, china, is unlikely to let you in impose tough new sanctions, so it will probably continue to develop rockets and bombs. -- china is unlikely to let the un impose tough new sanctions, so it will probably continue to develop rockets and bombs. >> i spoke to victor, the fellow for strategical international studies. victor, we have become used to these north korean launches not working. how worried are you by the successful one? >> i think it was definitely a surprise. i think the general view was that they tried so many times and failed, with the last one being the most spectacular failure. this was a successful launch in which they demonstrated the ability to lift a payload into orbit, which suggests they have long-range ballistic missile technology, and that is a big step they have made. >> does it give north korea more clout when it comes to possible ne
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> modern technology has given us medical advances once never imagined. britain is starting an ambitious new project. 100,000 patients with serious diseases are going to have their dna fully ampped in the hope that will help doctors develop new treatments. it is the first country to launch such an extensive database. our correspondent has the details. >> cancer happens when our dna mutates and our normal cells grow unchecked. mapping the mutations that drive cancer is already happening. for the first time, it will be offered to huge numbers of patients. who will carry out the sequencing and analysis over the next five years has not been worked out, but the prime minister on a visit to cambridge said the project has the potential to transform cancer treatment. >> the dna database can help us to do that, but we also want to keep britain at the forefront of biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry. we can be a world leader. >> at the heart of each human cell is a bundle of tightly packed dna lounge in the spiral shaped of the double helix. there are 3 billion pairs of chemical code. by comparing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2